Tramadol For Dogs Where To Buy Child entry to School is the most memorable period. It is a transition from Home environment to Social Life. It is the best opportunity to make New Friends, Learning and to Play. If we can project the real scenario of School to new entrants, they will never worry about school and feel Insecurity.

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follow url Mother is the First Teacher. Baby learns, loves and follows the mother. Baby will observe every moment, emotions and deeds of mother. Learns bit by bit. Gradually baby learns to accommodate for new environment from mother’s womb to protected environment of mother. This transition is the most important and most valuable period for maternal bonding. Emotional sharing, Love and Affection will develop. Mother is the first Friend also. Baby depends for everything on mother. It craves for her Love and Affection. Hence every mother should pay Utmost attention to the New Comer. Play as much as you can with your Baby.

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