How to protect from Sunlight

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follow link During hot summer, children are exposed to heat, so that they are dehydrated. We can recognize the dehydration by dry lips, mucosae, high temperature, weakness and decreased urinary frequency. If the dehydration is severe, child may have altered sensorium, loss of orientation to parents and surroundings and fall of blood pressure leading to weak pulses and may land in to comatose state.


here We should take all precautions to prevent exposure to hot sun light during peak hours. If unavoidable, cap, umbrella or any shade may give some protection. We have to take water and liquids more frequently. Child should wear loose cotton clothes and avoid tight clothes with neck tie if possible.


follow link Child should be immediately taken to nearby hospital for further management. Sunstroke may lead to hyperthermia and may lead to seizures and unconsciousness. Child should be in intensive care till temperature returns to normal. Intravenous fluids, tepid sponging and frequent vital monitoring are needed under specialist care.

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