How to protect from Sunlight

follow url During hot summer, children are exposed to heat, so that they are dehydrated. We can recognize the dehydration by dry lips, mucosae, high temperature, weakness and decreased urinary frequency. If the dehydration is severe, child may have altered sensorium, loss

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When to call your child’s doctor about illness

click here HOW SICK IS SICK? WHEN TO CALL YOUR CHILD’S DOCTOR ABOUT ILLNESS “You just can’t understand worry until you have a child of your own!” Welcome to cold and flu season! Now that flu and many other illnesses are circulating,

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5 Must-Read Blogs About Pediatric Medicine

click The Pedia Blog The Journal of Pediatrics Medical News Today Children’s National Health System Child Health Blog There are many informative blogs about pediatric medicine on the Web for pediatric professionals, aspiring pediatric professionals and parents. These pediatric medicine blogs

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